1'4" x 2'9" Turkish Serapi Oriental Rug - 1920s - Hand Made - 100% Wool


Shipping to United States: Free

Style: Serapi
Country of Origin: Turkey
Condition: Good
Actual Size: 1'4" x 2'9"
Content: 100% wool
Age: Circa 1950s

This is a gorgeous Oriental rug is an antique 1'4" x 2'9" Turkish Serapi, circa 1920s. This hand knotted Turkish rug is made with 100% wool and is in good condition for its age.

Turkish carpets and rugs, whether hand knotted or flat woven (Kilim, Soumak, Cicim, Zili), are among the most well known and established hand crafted art works in the world. Apparently originating in the traditions of largely nomadic Turkic peoples, the Turkish carpet, like the Persian carpet, developed during the medieval Seljuk period a more sophisticated urban aspect, produced in large workshops for commissions by the court and for export. The many styles of design reached maturity during the early Ottoman Empire, and most modern production, especially for export, looks back to the styles of that period. Turkish (also known as Anatolian) rugs and carpets are made in a wide range of distinct styles originating from various regions in Anatolia. Important differentiators between these styles may include: the materials, construction method, patterns and motif, geography, cultural identity and intended use.

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