8'6 x 9'8 Indian Nepal Oriental Rug - Versace Stripes - Hand Made - 100% Wool


Shipping to United States: Free

Style: Nepal
Country of Origin: India
Condition: Perfect
Actual Size: 8'6" x 9'8"
Content: 100% wool

This stunning modern rug is a brand new 8’6" x 9’8" Indian Nepal with Versace stripes. This hand made Nepal rug is made with 100% wool.

The Nepalese-Tibetan rugs are unique in their knotting system. They have a high density of knots. The feel and texture of knotted rugs vary with the quality and nature of the materials used and number of KPSI. They are produced in both a single and a double knotting system. Hence as compared to most Persian and Turkish rugs, Nepal rugs are soft, thick and flexible. The best quality Nepal rugs have a tighter, denser weave, and a thicker, deeper pile with excellent resiliency. Nepal rugs are usually made with pure sheep wool and other plant fibers and hence they possess an exquisite look.

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