8'8" x 11'3" Pakistani Heriz Design Oriental Rug - Hand Made - Very Fine - 100% Wool


Shipping to United States: Free

Style: Heriz
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Condition: Perfect
Actual Size: 8'8" x 11'3"
Content: 100% Wool

This gorgeous rug is a brand new 8’8" x 11’3” Pakistani with a Heriz design. This hand made Pakistani rug is very fine and is made with 100% wool.

Heriz rugs are woven in the Heriz district located 40 miles west of Tabriz in the north-west of Persia. The rugs are famed for their hardwearing and durable qualities, some of the toughest rugs you will find and are extremely popular with modern interiors. The wool used is of a high quality and despite its durability it is surprisingly soft to the touch. Design is tribal and tends to geometrically adapt versions of certain Tabriz patterns; they have an eight-sided geometric medallion in the centre, usually surrounded with lighter earthly and rustic tones. Heriz rugs are medium to large in size, heavy and have a knot count ranging from 20-120 knots per square inch (KPSI) depending on quality. The rugs are charming and easy on the eye with a balanced natural color scheme which improves with age, increasing the value of the rug as it gets older. Antique Heriz rugs are treasured and highly sought after by enthusiasts and antique-dealers alike.

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