3'10" x 6'8" Traditional Mexican Flat Weave Rug - Hand Made - 100% Wool


Shipping to United States: Free

Style: Flat Weave
Country of Origin: Mexico
Condition: Good
Actual Size: 3'10" x 6'8"
Content: 100% Wool

This gorgeous rug is a 3'10" x 6'8" traditional Mexican flat weave, circa 2000s. This hand made Mexican rug is made with 100% wool and is in good condition. This rug was recently professionally hand washed.

The Textiles of Mexico have a long history. The making of fibers, cloth and other textile goods has existed in the country since at least 1400 BCE. Fibers used during the pre-Hispanic period included those from the yucca, palm and maguey plants as well as the use of cotton in the hot lowlands of the south. After the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, the Spanish introduced new fibers such as silk and wool as well as the European foot treadle loom. Clothing styles also changed radically. Fabric was produced exclusively in workshops or in the home until the era of Porfirio Díaz (1880s to 1910), when the mechanization of weaving was introduced, mostly by the French. Today, fabric, clothes and other textiles are both made by craftsmen and in factories. Handcrafted goods include pre-Hispanic clothing such as huipils and sarapes, which are often embroidered. Clothing, rugs and more are made with natural and naturally dyed fibers. Most handcrafts are produced by indigenous people, whose communities are concentrated in the center and south of the country in states such as Mexico State, Oaxaca and Chiapas.

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